Lazo Love

Pattern: Lazo Trousers by Thread Theory Designs
Alterations: None

Note: Fifty percent of the proceeds from this pattern are given to Help Fill A Dream which is Vancouver Island organisation*

Thread Theory Designs’ patterns had already given me my first man’s shirt and woman’s blouse and I can’t tell you enough how helpful I found their blog sewalongs.  So when I saw the stunning Lazos on release I knew I had to have them for my first pair of trousers! Downside being, having them meant, purchasing pattern, tracing, cutting, adjusting said pattern, finding the right fabric, cutting, making, fitting etc. *stress* but I persevered and today I have the coolest, best fitting (and only) pair of cropped trousers I own.  Look at that those pleats at the waistband, I love the way they shape the trousers!!  Also, best pockets. I love pockets.


Before I bought the pattern I felt like I scoured the internet trying to find nice buckle closures for them, finally finding some ones on Etsy, which were designed for bags, but work equally as well on these trousers. For some reason I had to have these before I felt that the project was a goer.



I have always felt a great deal of trepidation when it comes to making trousers, even buying trousers can be traumatic for me. Thankfully I received some really lovely grey suiting fabric with slight stretch in a bargain bundle from Croftmill so I was happy to use this for experimenting on the Lazos.  Aside from some minor cosmetic flaws around the fly which you can barely see they turned out so well! Bare in mind, these were the first pair of trousers I had ever sewn.


I had minimal issues fitting these trousers, I increased the thigh area on the pattern and had to take in a small amount off the lower back and waistband to avoid that area gaping but other than that they are a dream. The pattern was so easy to follow and there was some really great advice on adjusting pattern for fit on their blog, I’d definitely recommend these trousers to anyone thinking about trying their hand. I’m currently making a lightweight crepe, non ‘practice’ version of these that is not turning out so well – slippery, slippery, devilish crepe. I’m persevering however, but it’s just such a thought to seam rip through crepe, because you know I’m going to catch the fabric. Does anyone else put a project down for a few months when it doesn’t go right straight off the bat??

I managed to make these with 1m – yay!   This pair took me around 4 hours to make, most of that was just trying to get rid of the lower back gape and fiddling with fly closure.

There’s a fab post on their blog about fabric suggestions for the pattern and I also totally love the cuddly lounge version Morgan has made a tutorial for and 100% need these in my life.



      • I haven’t made any trousers, I have the TATB marigold and a big 4 pattern but I think I could do with a pattern that has a front? Trousers do scare me although I’ve made many things including bra’s.


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