Victoria Day Gown Hack


Pattern: Victoria Blazer by By Hand London

Alterations: Day Gown Hack


Ok, some things I want you to know to begin with.

  1. I have BIG LOVE for the Victoria Blazer pattern by BHL. I have made several and it was 100% the catalyst to my trying new and interesting fabrics, patterns and challenges outside my sewing comfort zone.
  2. I was not convinced when I saw the day gown hack, it’s not anything like anything I would normally wear.
  3. I saw some embroidered fabric on eBay and a dream was born.

I actually had to whatsapp my sewing friends to get them to stop me from making such an outlandish purchase but they loved the idea too and said I had to make it.  So I did. I LOVE IT.  The By Hand London team know what they’re doing #believer

The fabric finally arrived on Wednesday and I was beyond excited. As soon as I got home and before I went to Say it Ain’t Sew at Brewdog, I feverishly cut my pieces out and had sewn the darts, shoulders and side seams within an hour and a half. I was Delighted. Capital D. The hack is really simple to follow as well so I was able to use my precut traced pattern.  The only issue I had was with the actual fabric; it came in 3 cuts all of 1yd not continuous length, the embroidery also runs counter to your  *ahem* ‘traditional’ grainline… oh well.  This meant I’ve had to keep the original collar rather than one long cut as suggested in the hack because I did not have the continuous length of fabric for this. I actually don’t mind and think it really works with the style.  We’ll not discuss that grainline situation, it seems to have worked out OK.

French Seam on my set in sleeve

I wasn’t able to do any more work on it until Friday, by this time I had already decided I was going to unpick what I had already sewn and redo with french seams to keep the finishings looking good. I’m not saying they’re perfect, my set in sleeves could have been done a bit better but I definitely like the way french seams look here as opposed to regular seams.

Collar before finishing the seam and pressing collar to front

For the attaching my collar to the body, I sewed wrong side to wrong side as I was trying to keep my raw edges out of sight and didn’t want them visible on the inside of the garment.  I trimmed my seam allowance to little more than 5mm and zig zagged along the edge, then flipped the collar over to the right side.  I’ve pressed it down as best I could, (you can’t use much heat on this fabric) and as a final touch I’ve hand stitched along the outer edge of the collar to keep it against the shell to stop it from lifting and showing the raw edge where I attached the collar. It is now finished and I’m sitting staring out the window waiting for the sun!  I’m in London for 3 weeks in July, I’m expecting every day to be a sunny day gown kind of day.


You need the day gown in your life. You especially need the embroidered day gown in your life.

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