A Toasty Tweed Toaster

Pattern: Toaster Sweater V2 by Sewhouse 7

Alterations: cut on 1m Harris Tweed, Sleeves cut on bias


Arguably one of my favourite accidents in the world ever. I got this Tweed for my birthday a while ago and it just did not speak to me, it was not my style, my colours, just nothing about it said ‘wear me’. (Sorry Laura, I love it now!) Even when this pattern was selected for the Sew My Style 2017 Project I was instantly taken with V1 and didn’t think V2 was really my style. I’d already hurriedly purchased the exact fabric I wanted for my toaster V1 – on a bus at the Gullfoss Waterfall in Iceland while my boyfriend went to the toilet so he wouldn’t see i was buying MORE fabric, while on holiday. #addict


I’d traced V2 but wasn’t sure I was going to commit to making it and then I thought I could probably pull together a tweed version with the birthday tweed as a practice run. I was originally thinking about putting a faux placket down the back and adding tweed covered buttons but that never happened so here’s what did happen.

By some very tight, very questionable cutting, I was able to make my toaster V2. on 1m of Harris Tweed fabric, the sleeves had to be cut on the bias because quite frankly, I didn’t have the fabric available to cut them on the grain! By happy coincidence cutting on the bias was going to give the fabric a tiny bit more stretch so my arms would have a little more give, especially for rolling the sleeves up. I also had to add seam allowance again to the sleeve width because no amount of cutting on the bias is going to make those slim sleeves fit me in a woven fabric.

The most important part of this project was pressing, the tweed seams were a tad bulky and had to be pressed into submission but as I started sewing and pressing this project the more and more I was starting to love it, more so than my snuggly V1 *gasp* By the time it was finished I spent a good 15 minutes posing and taking the most awful photos of myself grinning at my new jumper but I didn’t even care because I could not stop looking at how awesome my throwaway project had turned out. I was simply delighted.

I think I definitely need to make one in jersey because I am now a V2 convert and everyone has made such lovely versions on IG that I can’t help but want one too, but this is going to need to go to the back of the queue because my current project list is a mile long so who knows when I’ll find the time to make it. Until then, it’s scratchy* tweed loveliness for me, no regrets!

here’s a second one i made and colour blocked. *love*

*Note: I did try to line a second tweed toaster to negate the scratch factor, this was incredibly unsuccessful and I’ll not try it again 🙂


  1. It looks fabulous, love the colours and the plaid looks so good! Loving the bias sleeves and label too, I love getting a project out of 1m of fabric!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Lynsey, I still can’t believe that I didn’t love this fabric or the Toaster version from the get go because putting them together was the best idea ever!


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