The Geodesic

Pattern: Blueprints for Sewing Geodesic

Alterations: Added a Hood and Cropped the Sleeves

As soon as I saw this make on The Sara Project I was impressed with the pattern and knew I was going to make it. Once I got onto the Blueprints for sewing site and saw Taylor’s super cute cropped Geodesic with woven scraps it was a no brainer, I purchased the pattern straight away.  Knit makes were few and far between in my collection, not out of fear, I just hadn’t really tried many, so knit scraps were almost non existent in my collection, in particular knit scraps that go well together.


My first try was a cropped woven version which I cut in a hotel in Norway while on a work trip. I used scraps of tweed fabric that I had in my stash which were never going to make anything else so were fine to be used on this project.

As soon as I got home I couldn’t wait to run it up and I was so pleased with the result! I always managed to mess up flying geese the few times I’ve tried for quilt blocks but somehow managed no problem with the Geodesic pattern.

Geo Woven

My points were sharp and all met where they were supposed to. Hurrah! Yet there is a reason you don’t see a Geodesic made with tweed on my Instagram – the fit was not great.

I don’t blame the pattern for this, I opted to make it in woven instead of knit so there were going to be teething problems, I should have gone up at least one size in the pattern for this project as the bust and the sleeves were a little tight. Bear this in mind if you are thinking of making it in woven. If you make it too big you can always take it back in! My knit version made in the same size however was perfect!

I had entirely different mini projects in mind with the leftovers from the below projects but I realised that they may go together to make a bit of a wild geodesic, so I took the plunge and started cutting!

As you can see I’ve added a hood to my version – which came at the cost of longer sleeves (which I don’t mind in a hoody) and the front pockets! I don’t regret the hood, I think it’s just a fun extra and I love experimenting.

This was just a basic hood pattern which I measured and then sewed on, I considered putting drawstring through it but decided I was too lazy to do that so just finished it off by rolling the hem under and top stitching. I had more trouble getting the points to match up with the knit fabric and I’m going to unpick a couple of areas and straighten that out, but it’s nothing too bad and the points are still fairly crisp – it was definitely easier to match up in the woven!

It took me a while to decide on the final layout of my scraps, I hadn’t planned ahead and this could very easily have been a disaster but I was very lucky with what I managed to squeeze out with the last of my scraps.

I really love this purple floral jersey and I’m sad to see it go but I think between my Berlin Skirt, my Ultimate trousers and this Geodesic I got more than enough out of my 2m!!  I’m also really, really glad I got some scraps to try a knit Geodesic because this is such a great pattern.  I’m definitely going to try another one, and maybe go up a size and try it in woven again!


    • Thank you! I’m so glad I saw your one on Instagram so I knew the pattern was out there. By the way that Key largo top you’ve just finished really does look summer perfect.


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